Respecting traditional techniques, I make my instruments from carefully selected materials. Inspired by Italian instruments, but also by French, German, English and Dutch lutherie, I am part of a European tradition to offer quality work.


Maintaining an instrument ensures its longevity and protects its sonic qualities. That's why I take the time to establish as precise a diagnosis as possible in order to carefully carry out the necessary repairs.


It is important to maintain your instrument regularly. A frequency of passage in the hands of a professional is recommended in order to avoid excessive damage. Deep cleaning, some gluing and new strings are often necessary for the good health of your instrument.

Set up

It is the keystone of a good instrument. A well-tuned instrument facilitates playing and gives the best of its acoustic potential. The settings of an instrument are made in collaboration with the musicians. I am at your disposal to adjust your instrument as you wish in order to improve your comfort.

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